Short Film on Child Abuse: ReMoved

Before we continue with our regular progamming here at Your Write to Live, I wanted to share with you a short film on child abuse called ReMoved. It’s about a young girl named Zoey who is put through various foster homes, and her struggle to find solidarity in her life and self worth despite of the abusive parents she comes across.

Still continuing in the spirit of the Crafting a Character Series, I thought this would be a good video to share because it accurately depicts the thought process a child’s mind goes through when growing up in a hostile environment. And depending on what neurolinguistic reasoning a person’s inner dialogue is dominated by, that will greatly affect how they turn out in the future.

Although at times, the narration seems too poetic and adult for a child to be speaking through, the sentiment is all the same: alienation, humiliation, and neglect can take its toll on a child.

The self attack and the self erasure children are too often taught to internalize is one of the main contributing factors to the world’s problems. People who weren’t raised to value themselves and never try to learn self efficacy in their adult life, in spite of their trauma, are usually the ones who create conflict and fail to take responsibility fortheir lives. Most especially when they do not pursue self-knowledge.

It’s because of this injustice that I am passionate about writing my current novel in progress It Starts at Home, so that, just like this short film, the message gets out: children are a minority that we need to develop the utmost empathy and respect for.

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