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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

For two years, BSBS was shelved and I went on with my life. Out of all the strife I’ve been through and the mistakes I’ve made–and I’m not saying this just to be dramatic–having stopped recording BSBS Reviews has been one of the biggest regrets in my life. There were so many reviews I wanted to do since I started, but never mustered up the gumption for it.

With the Kick Ass reviews done, my expectation was that I could just review all the things I love and just geek out about it, but then I wondered how relevant and useful it would be, if it all, to review books and movies that were already old by the time I’ve formulated opinions worth of a review.

So I thought of a new plan, one that I’m enacting now, but horribly did not follow through with 2 years ago. My process for BSBS is as follows: look up what movies are coming out next month, cross reference them with a Goodreads list of books that are being adapted for film, and then read the books before the movie release date, watch them, and review them.

Sounds simple right?

Wrong. It’s actually difficult. Especially when I don’t enjoy the content. The Mortal Instruments was going to be the first of many BSBS Reviews that I would record and then release on the movie release date, but I lost my patience with the book. Minor spoilers if I ever decide to review that boring ass piece of shit: I mildly enjoyed the movie and the book was…a boring ass piece of shit.

So boring that I couldn’t even finish half of the book by the time the movie came out, and even then I just got annoyed with the recording process, especially living in a loud household where if I didn’t time my recording sessions properly, you’d hear several noises happening in my house that would just make my videos really weird. Sparing you the details, let me just say I have a very loud family.

On top of that, the SD card I had back then would crap out on me after having thought I’ve recorded 10-30 minutes of footage, only to realize that it malfunctioned. I just lost my patience and interest in doing BSBS with the noise at home, the boringness of some of the reading material, and the crappiness of my equipment.

Fast forward two years later though, I decided to just get over myself. I’ve been working a lot in the past 2 years and have worked jobs I’ve loved and profited greatly from, financially and personally, and I decided to just get a new and expensive SD card. One that could record more than just 30 minutes of footage because damn the last few reviews were originally 30-60 minutes long, and with the art of studio magic, I’ve cut them down to less than 10 minutes leaving in only the most important stuff to cover for each review.

When I started up again this past January, I had a better idea of how I would go about my BSBS Reviewing process and went at it with a better attitude towards it. Where I once see it as me forcing myself to read shit I don’t like, I now see it as getting the opportunity to read and watch things I normally wouldn’t if I wasn’t trying to review the hottest and latest novel to film adaptations.

After all, my first ever BSBS Review was on Twilight, a series I hated with the burning intensity of Hell itself, but I had fun slamming it anyway. And of course, being surprised by the few good things I found about it made me realize that even the most hated mainstream bandwagons have to have some merit to them, else it would make no sense why people hop on in the first place.

Following in the tradition of BSBS Reviews Season 1, I kicked off the show’s revival with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, another dumb and perplexing idea that people seem to jive with. I hate zombies and could care less for period pieces, and I wondered if mashing these two things together would make me enjoy them and well…here’s what came out:


Kick Ass 2

Tons of energy, and much to talk about, here’s my BSBS Review for Kick Ass 2. I crushed the graphic novel in one afternoon while nursing a few beers in my backyard patio before watching the movie on DVD. This was when I was the most excited for my YouTube channel since I was getting some great comments on the video page and began doubling views. What was great about the comments was that someone brought it to my attention that one of the subplots in Kick Ass 2 was based on a prologue graphic novel that happens in between part 1 and 2.

Reviewing the Kick Ass series filled me with a ton of joy because where I first started for the sake of slamming Twilight, I was now veering into territory I enjoyed. This concludes Season 1 of BSBS Reviews where you get to catch a glimpse of my capacity to geek out about the stuff I love as well as rail against the stuff I hate.

As I post these videos and blog posts in the upcoming week, I will also invite you to an intimate journey detailing why I quit for a while and then came back stronger than ever.

Kick Ass

Comic books count as literature too!

After tackling the young adult stuff, it was time to get back into my natural element as a kid…but with a bloody and gory, violent twist!

Kick Ass is a very unique take on the superhero genre in that they have no super powers and their costumes look like something anyone can throw together if they shopped around e-Bay enough. I loved superheroes since I was a kid, and it was nice to see the genre grow up with me to the point that the stories they tell now would be more honest: it’s tough work!

There’s plenty to say, and this is one of my longer videos, so I’ll let it speak for itself.


The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones was my precursor to getting into YA fiction way before I actually got super into YA fiction. Sure, I read Twilight for the sake of slamming it, but ended up saying a few good things about it as you saw in my previous post, but reading The Lovely Bones was the first time I saw the true potential in YA.

The following video was the flipside to my original intent to doing BSBS. A couple years ago, I was hell bent on just ranting Angry Video Game Style about book to film adaptations and saying some outrageous things about…things I would rather be doing than reading horendous books and watching the crap load of junk movies they would later be turned into.

Instead of reviewing a story for the sake of slamming it to hell, The Lovely Bones provided me the opportunity to geek out and enjoy the material, and thus came the potential to also inform others out there that not all mainstream literature and film were garbage. Well I mean the book was good, and the movie was…a whole different story–but I’ll let you see the review for more details on that often stated cliche that the book is better than the movie.

My Double Life as a B/Vlogger

Greetings, fellow WordPressers, I have a confession to make. I’ve been living a double life and having done so, I have done you and myself a giant disservice. While I do value the work I do on here in terms of presenting to you inspiration for writing tips and self-knowledge, I have another passion you might not be aware of; and that’s dissecting film and literature to their philosophical core.

Coming to you from YouTube Land is Book Shelf to Big Screen Reviews! Where I review novels that get adapted for film in order to get a sense for what’s hot in our current market and seeking to understand what all these stories have to say about our current state as a species and society.

Being an aspiring author, I have the goal to educate through entertainment, injecting my stories with philosophy and universal themes such as love, kinship, personal actualization, adversity and triumph, and much much more–hopefully one day getting my novels massive appeal through film adaptations that can and will capture, if not improve on the source material.

I started this journey two years ago and shelved it for a while, but now I am back and determined to bring philosophy to the masses through my dissection of film and literature. Most reviewers will talk about how amazing plotlines and action sequences are, and I will do the same, but also so much more in addition to that. I want my reviews to uncover the veil and rip away the surface of these stories in order for others to see that there is so much more going on in stories than mere entertainment.

There is education to be found amidst all the cliffhangers that keep you at the edge of your seat and turning the page. So without further adieu here is the intro to my channel as well as the first episode ever I did a couple years back near the highest end of Twilight’s fandom–a novel that swept the world in more camps beyond Edward vs Jacob, but also good literature vs trash.

If you enjoy my content, I would appreciate if we could open a discussion on the deeper aspects of all these stories that are making it big in the mainstream and seek to understand with me why they are creating such massive appeal in the first place. On top of that, I would also appreciate if you could share these videos with the people you love and cherish who love and cherish film and literature as much, if not more, than I do.

Sure I’ll make the crass joke here and there, and maybe even praise the surface aesthetics of certain stories, but at the end of the day BSBS Reviews isn’t just about me goofing off and geeking out about what I’ve read and watch (and on occassion ranting about the ones I’ve disliked). It’s about giving film and literature their deserved attention in terms of what they all have to say about us as viewers and consumers of these stories, and driving the market toward better content.

In the upcoming days I will be starting from square one sharing my videos from the beginning up to the most recent ones, and eventually as I create more videos, share those as well here. Let’s connect. Follow me on WordPress and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you feel as I do in recognizing that there are more to stories than mere entertainment.