The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones was my precursor to getting into YA fiction way before I actually got super into YA fiction. Sure, I read Twilight for the sake of slamming it, but ended up saying a few good things about it as you saw in my previous post, but reading The Lovely Bones was the first time I saw the true potential in YA.

The following video was the flipside to my original intent to doing BSBS. A couple years ago, I was hell bent on just ranting Angry Video Game Style about book to film adaptations and saying some outrageous things about…things I would rather be doing than reading horendous books and watching the crap load of junk movies they would later be turned into.

Instead of reviewing a story for the sake of slamming it to hell, The Lovely Bones provided me the opportunity to geek out and enjoy the material, and thus came the potential to also inform others out there that not all mainstream literature and film were garbage. Well I mean the book was good, and the movie was…a whole different story–but I’ll let you see the review for more details on that often stated cliche that the book is better than the movie.

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