Kick Ass 2

Tons of energy, and much to talk about, here’s my BSBS Review for Kick Ass 2. I crushed the graphic novel in one afternoon while nursing a few beers in my backyard patio before watching the movie on DVD. This was when I was the most excited for my YouTube channel since I was getting some great comments on the video page and began doubling views. What was great about the comments was that someone brought it to my attention that one of the subplots in Kick Ass 2 was based on a prologue graphic novel that happens in between part 1 and 2.

Reviewing the Kick Ass series filled me with a ton of joy because where I first started for the sake of slamming Twilight, I was now veering into territory I enjoyed. This concludes Season 1 of BSBS Reviews where you get to catch a glimpse of my capacity to geek out about the stuff I love as well as rail against the stuff I hate.

As I post these videos and blog posts in the upcoming week, I will also invite you to an intimate journey detailing why I quit for a while and then came back stronger than ever.

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