Creative Consulting

Do you have a story brewing up inside your head that just won’t pour out onto the page?

Maybe it leaks out in tiny little droplets or bursts out in a tidal wave from time to time, but you would much rather have it to flow in a steady stream.

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, to be shared with the world or kept to yourself–I am more than happy to help you out!

Common Issues That Disrupt the Flow

  • Writer’s Block: Not knowing where to start or continue writing.
  • Procrastination: Refusing to find and make time to write.
  • Inconsistency: Having contradictory ideas and/or being unable to write as often as you prefer.
  • Perfectionism: Being too concerned with rules and conventions that you forget how to simply express yourself.
  • Lack of Motivation: You have too many ideas or no ideas at all, and feel a burning desire to write something–anything–but you haven’t found the right ideas to quench the flame with.

I’ve been there too, being drowned by my own ideas and wanting to find some way to control the current. Sometimes I would lose motivation because I didn’t know how to proceed and what started out easy and fun became a load of hard work.

What has helped me stay on track is receiving feedback from an outsider’s perspective. I’ve been in critique groups that helped point out the areas I could improve on and I’ve also had an accountability partner to help ensure I wrote on a consistent basis. Having others encourage you to reach your potential by getting excited for your ideas and helping you make sense of them is an incredible way to keep or get the flow going.

How Creative Consulting Can Remove These Blockades

  • Generate and discover the ideas you are passionate about.
  • Find your message; what does your story say about the world?
  • Figure out which writing rules and conventions you should follow, and which ones you should rebel against to better serve your ideas.
  • Connect the right ideas together so that they can compliment each other.
  • Develop healthy writing habits so that you can make the time to write and make the most of it.
  • Have clarity with your ideas so starting and continuing your project consistently excites and motivates you.

How It Works

What I am offering to you is the critique group and accountability partner experience all in a one on one format. For one hour, once a week, you will receive a concise and concentrated conversation designed to make sense of your story and develop healthy writing habits so that you can flush out writer’s block whenever it tempts you tap out. You will receive the following goodies:

  • Scapple Mind Maps that give you a visual representation of how your ideas connect together
  • Virtual Worksheets to help you breathe life into your characters, build your world and its metaphysics, as well as convey your message in an entertaining and meaningful way
  • Writing Exercises to keep the flow going, ranging from free form progress journals to dry run dialogues
  • Word Count Charts complete with dates and records to determine what the best conditions are for you to write with focus
  • and much much more to come soon!

Packages and Prices

No matter what level you choose, every individual session requires a $25(CDN) deposit plus any additional charges if you’ve chosen any higher tier packages.

Ripple – $100/month
One Time Session – $30

  • Four 60 minute coaching calls once a week
  • Wavering Plot Line Graph
  • Character Development Graph
  • And much more coming soon…

Wave – $200/month
One Time Session – $60

  • All of the above +
  • Scapple Mind Maps of your ideas*
  • Virtual worksheets to take home and expand on your story
  • Review of either one of your worksheets or manuscript snippets per session**

Tsunami – $300/month
One Time Session – $90

  • All of the above +
  • Review of both your worksheets and manuscript snippets per session***
  • Coaching calls that can extend beyond 60 minutes****

How to Book a Session

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Skype
  2. A working computer mic or phone with decent audio quality
  3. Click here and choose a day and time that works for you!

*In order  for me to create mind maps for my clients, I require that our conversations get recorded so I can listen back and pause at will to jot notes down and arrange them in an orderly fashion. I used to type them in real time during the calls, but I found asking someone to slow down while they’re geeking out about their story broke the immersion.

**Your work needs to be 1000 words maximum and submitted at least 24 hours before your next session. Our time is valuable and I would prefer that I relish the time it takes to fully appreciate your work before we chat about it, as opposed to having me read it during our calls or a few minutes beforehand.

In addition, for the Wave package, I can only read either one of your worksheets or your manuscript snippet before each session so that we can laser focus on what aspects of your work to explore.

***Congratulations and thank you for your committment! We will explore both your worksheets and your manuscript snippets so you no longer have to choose between the two. Each of them need to be 1000 words maximum and will now need to be submitted 48 hours before your next call.

****And to thank you for your committment to your creativity, I will extend my thanks by extending my availability to you. Since there would be lots to talk about when you send in both your worksheets and manuscript snippets, if need be, I will allow our calls to last as long double the amount from 60 minutes to 120.