Blog Series

This is a compilation page for all the serial blog posts I’ve made. You can view them as singular posts as they first appeared, or you can click the title heading themselves to view a compiled version of the entire series in one page!

Crafting a Character

Part 1: In the Now
Part 2: It’s All in the Past
Part 3: A Better Tomorrow

Crafting a Character revolves around fudamental traits you should consider when coming up with your story’s cast of characters. From delving to childhood memories to working toward a better life, this series gives you an in-depth look at how a personality is formed.

The Conception of It Starts at Home

Part 1: How Chuck Palahniuk Got Me Into YA Novels
Part 2: How I Conceived the Idea of It Starts at Home

The Conception of It Starts at Home details how I was inspired to get into YA fiction and write a YA novel of my own in order to spread several messages on personal freedom, friendship, and peaceful parenting.

Gamer, Know Thyself

Part 1: Rules and Motives
Part 2: Skill Levels and Opponents
Part 3: Respecting Emotions

As an avid gamer and self-knowledge pursuer, I thought it was time to combine the two to argue for some personal value that can be gained from undertanding gaming habits and attitudes.

The Four Pillars of Fiction

Part 1: PLOT
Part 2: Characters
Part 3: Setting
Part 4: Dialogue
Bonus: Putting it into Practice

In The Four Pillars of Fiction, we explore the four fundamental elements that create solid fiction. Like any four pillar structure, your story is only as stable as each pillar you build. A bonus post shows how I’ve done the work myself for my own novel.

Our Write to Live

Part 1: My Write to Live
Part 2: Your Write to Live
Part 3: Our Write to Live

I cut myself open and share just how important writing is in my life. Swinging the spotlight around to everyone else, I also share why I think storytelling is important to humanity as a whole and make a committment to inspire future coaching clients to discover their mission.

Dreamcatcher Trilogy Review

Part 1: Chase Me

Part 2: Good Night
Part 3: Fly High
Part 4: YOU AND I

I do the believably unbelievable and deliver a music review. Being a music lover, it makes no sense why I haven’t done this yet, but there’s one amazing group that compelled me enough to finally write a music review on Your Write to Live!

Trifecta of Tribulations Trilogy

Part 1: My Shadow Side
Part 2: The 60:40 Principle
Part 3: Creating My Own Reality
Part 4: Truncated Trifecta of Tribulations

I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life and have managed to keep it at bay on my own for the most part. Until I couldn’t. Here I share an experience I had where I ended up questioning my capacity to keep myself mentally sane, as well as three big life lessons I learned along the way.

Therapeutic Journaling

Part 1: How I’ve Benefitted From Therapy So Far
Part 2: How and Why You Should Journal
Part 3: Meditations on Marcus Aurelius
Part 4: Internal Family Systems
Part 5: Giving Order to My Disorder
Part 6: The Progress Journal
Part 7: Pre and Post Meditation
Part 8: Dreaming of Ideas
Part 9: Improving Your Self Talk
Part 10: The Gratitude Journal

This goliath of a series is the logical and long time coming follow up to Trifecta of Tribulations. Contending with ADHD and depression, I have journaled for many years and have been wanting to go to therapy for just as long. Now that I’ve finally gone to therapy, I share how therapy and journaling can go hand in hand in your journey of self discovery as well.


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