Hello and welcome to Your Write to Live!

Writing is not just a hobby here, it’s a lifestyle. For this reason, I am dedicated to providing you with not only your standard creative writing tips like a conventional writing blog, but also offering some personal development insights that can help you put those writing tips to better practice.

A lot of writers out there struggle with writer’s block, getting themselves motivated, and feeling confident in what they write. And while it’s all well and good to seek out all the possible writing techniques you can find to hone in on your craft, none of those said techniques will be put to any good use unless you’ve found the strength to put pen to paper.

Yes, writing is a difficult endeavour filled with run on sentences, misspelled words, and incoherent arguments that all need some revision so that we can better communicate our ideas. Because after all, ideas are what shape our experience within the world at large, and the better you communicate your ideas, the better you understand the ideas of others, and we all becoming that much better for it.

Here are the many ways in Your Write to Live is dedicated to helping you grow as a self knowledgeable writer:

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Every writer needs that boost of confidence and encouragement to help them contend with writer’s block. And while most writers fear it is due to a lack of skill, time, or creativity, the problem actually lies somewhere deeper than that.

Writer’s block, from what I’ve gathered, is due to a huge lack of inspiration because of the way in which life may get in the way of us trying to master our craft. There are so many responsibilities to juggle like work, family, and an active social life, that sometimes it feels like there isn’t any time to write.

Meaningful Monday posts are designed to give you reasons why you should make the time to write, whether creatively and/or for self growth. Here at Your Write to live, creativity and self growth go hand in hand, to inspire one inspires the other.

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From techniques to routines, Workshop Wednesdays provide writers with the tips and tools needed to get the most out of their craft. Whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned veteran, I provide practical advice anybody can do and benefit from no matter what your skill level.

Hobbyist or professional, it’s always a good idea to continuously sharpen your skills so that your passion for the craft does not grow dull. One way to avoid stagnancy is to always learn something new so that you have that many more elements to incorporate in your writing.

Your Write to Live tips range from simple things such as outlining a novel’s plot, to deeper things like developing a well rounded character, as well as a bunch of other fun and unconventional writing tips that can help keep the creative juices flowing.