Novel Samples

I have written three full novels in my life, not counting the ones I mentioned in my introductory post of this blog.

Here you can read snippets of them to get an idea of how drastically my taste and style has changed over the years.

Sinless Assassin: It wasn’t Gaugheren’s choice to become a trained killer. The Deadly Arts Academy is a secret guild of assassins who have killed his parents over an ancient artifact called Alpha Matter–which is said to possess immense power to those who uncover its secrets. Due to the compassion of the guild’s Head Alchemist Lilika Macuchi, Gaugheren’s life was spared the night his parents were slaughtered, and he has since been trained in the deadly arts himself. Should he avenge his parents and take down the Deadly Arts Academy, or should he stay loyal to those who truly raised him for most of his life, and rile against the oppressive Kingdom of Controvetta?

Me, My Self and Who Am I?: Parker Davis abandoned his friends and family to move out with his high school sweetheart Tara. Although great individuals, they make for a poisonous couple. Having become untrue to himself has brought to life The Interloper; his reflection in the mirror that berates him as some sort of insulting life coach. Everywhere Parker goes, The Interloper is there to doubt his every move. Is he trying to help or hinder Parker?

It Starts at Home: She’s the Queen of Mario Kart and quite possibly the nerds, but she wants more. Johanna Pascual yearns to be noticed, and so she becomes friends with Britney Schumer, the popular and pretty girl who helps her get in touch with her feminity, but at a cost. Sure, the makeover does help Johanna win the vote for student council, and as Social Justice Rep, she gets to run an Anti-Bullying Campaign. But as she begins mixing in with the wrong crowd and abandoning her roots, she will soon learn that the best anti-bullying campaign is the one that starts at home.



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